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who go to the works of Protestant and
JL Catholic partisans will find the history of the
Reformation staged as a conflict between right and
wrong. If they do not become war-weary they will
soon be somewhat bewildered; and they will yearn on
occasion for a more humdrum narrative—one which will
make clear the ascertained data and not harass the mind
too severely by entangling the argument with the
evidence. What they will hanker after, strangely
enough—though they might be shocked to see the matter
so expressed—is the technical historian who may be a
Catholic or a Protestant but is willing to jettison for the
time being his private views and personal valuations.
He performs an act of self-emptying in order to seek the
kind of truths which do not go further than the tangible
evidence warrants, the kind of truths which the evidence
forces us to believe whether we like them or not.
Though this kind of history is more limited in some